Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'll Just DIE If I Don't Have. . . .

I hear this all the time from my teenagers, "Oh, Mom, I'll just DIE if I don't have (insert whatever here)." But how often have I heard this same thing from adults? Maybe they are too "mature" to say "DIE," but how about saying "NEED?" You stop at the gas station and buy a overpriced soda-pop because you NEED something to drink. You buy a box of baby wipes so you can wipe off high chairs, car seats, sticky fingers, tabletops, grocery cart handles, etc, because you NEED the convenience of throwing the wipe away after using it?

Every family is different, but we all breathe the same air so to speak, so will I really keel over and die if I don't drink a soda? Will I be buried tomorrow because I had to wash an extra washcloth instead of throwing away a baby wipe?

What item can I do away with this week? Or if I can't totally do away with it, can I use less of it?

to be continued. . . .

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