Monday, January 03, 2011

Day 2: Clean-up

Decided to work on the laundry room for my second project in saving money/time/energy. Here is a starting picture:

Pretty bad isn't it? But how is cleaning/organizing the laundry room going to save me money?

Re-Hanging the clothes line = being able to line dry more clothes = less dryer usage

I think this will be a big money saver. I read once that anything that heats up is the biggest electric eater of all. (stoves, dryers, electric heaters)

Having more room to make laundry soap more efficiently= less store bought pricey detergent (unless I get one marked down like this damaged one)

Found the fabric and curtains that had been lost in the laundry room chaos, that I will need to use to make curtains (another day's project!) to keep more heat in and less cold out. (that should also work backwards in the warmer months)

Found more clothes/etc. to take to Goodwill for a tax write-off (I try to take at least two bags of stuff every month.)

Ok, I will post a pic when this is all done. Evidentally, a year's worth of mess isn't cleaned up in one hour. Who knew?

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