Monday, January 17, 2011

Thinking Outside My Laundry Room

Just paid an un-Godly amount of money to the water company again on Friday. So I decided to check out my local laundry mat. Haven't been there in years, but thought, hey, what the heck. Found that I could fit twice the amount of laundry into a washer than I can at home, for $2. What really floored me was it only took 50 cents to dry my load of whites. I know it takes about 50 minutes at home to dry a load, so that must be at least 50 cents spent, if not more.

Laundry mat cons: price; have to lug laundry around town; time-consuming (can't do the dishes or clean house while at the mat)
Laundry mat pros: may save money? ; can use HOT water for my whites; really nice and warm in there compared to my house (in the winter); can't do the dishes or clean house while at the mat (hehe, it's like a self-imposed time-out to me!)

Will have to think about this laundry mat vs. home thing some more, but just a thought.

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