Thursday, March 03, 2011

Washing on the Outdoor Clothes Line

Spring will soon be here, so I am expecting alot of rain. I get excited for rain, I like to see the rainbarrel filled up. I was thinking of how else I could use the rain, and have come to an idea. I think I will hang the light weight towels, sheets, and pillow cases on the outdoor clothes line before it rains, and let the rain rinse them for me. Not every time they need washed, but maybe every other time. Heaven knows those items don't really get dirt dirty, so they probably only need a rinse out. I know how good sun-dried sheets smell, I wonder if they will smell better being washed with rain water. I'll have to time it right, so the neighbor's outdoor furnace isn't running, to keep the smoke off, and so the laundry doesn't hang on the line for days waiting for the sun.

Before you think I'm completely nuts, I have sortof done this before, maybe you have also. Remember the time you forgot the laundry was on the line and it hung there until it started to fade from the sun? (I have a rug to prove that.)

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