Monday, May 09, 2011


Ended up at the local grocery on a Monday

Found 70/30 percent hamburger marked down to $1 a pound.

Three things were odd about this.

1. Meat is only marked down on Tuesday morning.

2. Meat hasn't been $1 a pound in a long time.

3. I actually had money.

Sooooo. . . . .

I picked up 45 pounds.

And walked around the store in shock.

While people stared at me and even said to me, "Wow, that's. . . a lot of meat."

I forgot the Manwich mix.

( I know, not frugal, but we haven't found a homemade version we like. Yet.)

So, when I backtracked to the 2nd aisle, I went past the meat section again.

The butcher was putting out more markdown hamburger.

This time it was 93/7 percent.


So I traded in the higher fat version I had in my cart for the lower fat hamburger.

And walked around the store some more.


Thank you Lord.


  1. 99 cents a pound is incredible! I would've picked up as much as I could also. What grocery store do you shop at?

  2. This was a the little local store, an IGA-type store. I love it 'cuz you never know what you'll find in there! Like Fels-Naptha soap, sprinkles in bulk, and even fishing worms next to the checkout.


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