Monday, June 13, 2011

Special Day

Our oldest graduated from high school at the beginning of June! How does that happen when it seems like she was in kindergarten just the other day? To celebrate, all frugality went out the window when she chose to go out to eat the the Cheesecake Factory instead of having a graduation party. Grandma and Grandpa very generously paid the (huge, gasp!!!) bill. The food was delicious, large portions, and we did take home the extras. When it came to the cheesecake tho, we only ordered 2 pieces for the 9 of us to split because we were so stuffed by the time dessert came. It did live up to the hype (we had never been to the Factory before) and am glad Graduated Girl chose a new place to eat at. It was a very special and exciting day for all of us.

The reason for post is to make a point of not missing out on important times in our lives just because one is trying to be frugal. While we were soooooo grateful for Grandma and Grandpa paying for the huge treat, it is important to live a little when you can.

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