Saturday, August 20, 2011

About The Puff Tails. . .

I haven't said much about my rabbits here, but I raise New Zealand Whites and some mixed breeds, called San Juans. I didn't breed the rabbits as planned this spring, due to the fact I needed to get the barn built before I added any new rabbits. But now it is up and the twitch-whiskers are slowly moving into their new home.

My only first generation NZ doe died this spring, so I am starting all over again with my original pair of NZ. Iscicle (I know, I spelled that wrong, but I mis-spelled it on her nest box with permanent marker, so it is what it is) looked like she would have a boatload of babies this time around, but she only had 6. I might even have a buyer for them all. I have to call the lady to see if she is still interested.

The San Juans faired a bit better, with one doe raising 8, then losing the next litter of 8, and another doe raising 4, and now raising the next litter of 8. What's better, is that I sold all of the first litters already and have 3, yes three, buyers lined up for the next batch.

So far, I have the rabbits two cages high on the north side of the barn, and still have to move the bucks in on the south side of the barn. I had planned on enclosing the ends of the barn in, each end with a door and 2 windows, but need to change that so I can take advantage of the natural ventilation that is occurring from the wind that blows up the mountain, right thru the barn. I'm thinking of something like the end with the wooden lattice work here:

picture courtesy of Steven Sumrall Sr.!/media/set/?set=p.165628700175471&type=1

Am soooo excited about this barn! Thank you Dad! Love you

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