Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Planning The Next Garden

Well, it's that time of year for me. Tired of this year's garden's mishaps and ready plan next year's garden.

This year's garden produced about 2 dozen green peppers, just enough field corn to save for seed for next year's crop, 1 very small cucumber that I just threw to the chickens, and so many cherry tomatoes that I just ended up turning the chickens into the garden to eat them all. A few onions, parsley,chives, thyme, and oregano, alot of dill, 1 small pumpkin for decoration only, and 1 acorn squash.

Goals for next year's garden:

organize my herb garden better

grow field corn for the chickens (and for decorations) with squash and beans, I think this is called the "three sisters"

sunflowers for seed for the chickens and rabbits

grow more carrots

can enough tomatoes to last til next year

What goals do you have for next year's garden?

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