Thursday, October 13, 2011

$107 a Month?

Budget got cut again, our food money for the month is now $107 a month for the 6 of us. We will be heading to the food bank for sure this month! I am very grateful three of the kids are able to eat breakfast and lunch for free at school, so maybe this is do-able. As you can see, I am trying to talk myself into this. We have plenty of the following, (although I am not sure how to coordinate all of it into something edible for a whole month)

  • 31 jars of spaghetti sauce

  • 21 jars of peanut butter

  • grape jelly

  • 25 cans of refried beans

  • apple butter, apple slices (frozen)

  • flour and baking items like yeast, baking soda and baking powder

  • eggs

  • white rice (don't judge, it was really on sale)

  • a variety of mushroom soup and chicken broth

There is a variety of other canned things I have, but mainly just odds and ends really. I priced out a bunch of things at Wally's World and then at our local store, so I am up to date on the current prices of most things we need, but just don't know what to buy. Other than meat, of course, which would probably just take up the whole $107 right there. Not much else to say about this.


  1. Ouch. How long are you going to be on such tight rations? Refried beans are tasty on toast. Get to that food bank. Our city has a daily bread program - I'd be looking at ANY way I could bring a little more food into the house.

    I've been there, and it's tough.

    And now ... I have a new blog to investigate. :D

  2. Hello! Not sure on the duration, but am open to anything! the beans on toast sounds yummy, I'll try that for lunch tommorrow. Feel free to investigate, I can use any advice you can think of. Thank you!


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