Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fallen Leaves

Oh, how I love leaves! Ever think how many uses a leaf has?

  1. Science project: see how many different kinds your kids can collect and identify

  2. Art project: put a leaf under a sheet of paper and make an imprint with a crayon

  3. P.E. exercise: rake into a pile, move onto a tarp, and then. . . JUMP!

  4. After extensive jumping, the leaves will be crunched, shredded, and ready for the compost pile or garden.(which is why you put the leaves on a tarp in the first place, it's SOOOOOO much easier to move to the garden!)

  5. If you can get bagged leaves, save a bag or two to add to the chicken coop in the middle of the winter. Chickens love to rummage thru a pile of leaves, it sure does keep them occupied in the cold weather!
Evidently, dogs like to jump in leaf piles also. Ours spent hours running, diving, and eventually pushing the leaves off the tarp.

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