Friday, November 04, 2011

God Provides

When our food budget got cut at the beginning of October, I was in panic. Stupid me, I should have known that God would have provided. I am sorry God.

My head was thinking I needed money, dollars and cents, moola, whatever you call it, in order for my family to eat.

Stupid me. I am sorry God. I will try harder to trust you.

Here is a run down on some of what He provided.

I want you to notice, no, PAY ATTENTION, to how God worked it out so well.

free pizza from the food bank

2 bottles of pop from a neighbor, leftover from his party

(so evidentally even God says pop and pizza must go together)

free knife from Sam's Club, to cut up

a WHOLE deer a friend shot and didn't need/want

(don't get your knickers in a knot about him shooting something he didn't want, it was a doe and God put it in his head that we needed it.)

pound of bacon and a huge spiral cut ham

to go with all those potatoes that were on sale

mac and cheese from the food bank

to go with the fancy bratwurst found on clearance

buckets of apples to go with anything

and a box full of food from the foodbank. The people at this food bank organize the food so can make a meal out of it all. Like tuna to go with the tuna helper, sloppy joe mix to go with the hamburger.

I could go on, but you get the picture. I love it when a menu comes together. Thank you God!

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