Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 104: Book of the Week

Got to spend a little time in the big book store this week, all by my lonesome, while I was waiting to pick up someone from school. I surfed thru some cookbooks and home preserving books, looking for some ideas for my solar dehydrator I will be building. Didn't find much new information (why don't books have more pictures? It's much easier to quick look at the picture of the dehydrator than read thru a bunch of technical stuff and then realize it's not what you wanted.)

Anywhoo, found an interesting book, called Possum Living by Dolly Freed. In a nutshell, it's written by a non-schooled teenager many years ago, who was living with her father, who didn't like to work. She tells of how they lived without money,which means living without modern amenities. I skimmed thru most of it, getting some ideas to tuck back into my brain for later. The girl somehow even got the book published all by herself. Many years later, someone found a copy of the book and had it re-published and even found the original author who wrote a closing for the re-published book. Turns out, the girl ended up working for NASA, without having a college degree. or even an high school diploma. Very interesting.

( If you do find a copy of Possum Living, I want you to know I did skip over the plans for the moonshine still. Hehe!)

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