Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Walk Score

In my attempts to find ways to save money, time, and sanity, I tend to surf the web alot. Found a funny site,

This site tells you how "walkable" your home is, meaning, how close you live to life's amenities. The blog I originally found this on had a walking score of 77. I scared the dog awake when I laughed at my score of 11. For kicks, I typed in my childhood home. My mom always said we lived out in the boondocks, but really?? It got a score of 0 .

I do wonder the about this tho, because I can walk to the local store for groceries, but the upward trip back home with a heavy bag or two might be hard. And we are within walking distance of the bank, post office, and dr.'s office also. So I don't know what the site actually calculates, unless it bases the unknown fact that my husband has to drive 40 minutes to get to work. Oh! wait, it must calculate the distance from the nearest Walmart. Yeah, that's it. Life's "amenities."

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