Tuesday, April 26, 2011

While Waiting. . . .

While waiting to pick up a teen from her new job, I got to spend 3 hours in Walmart.

By. My. Self.

It was late evening and there was not a whole lot of people there. I took my whole coupon collection in and went round and round looking for good deals. I finally found some things, and enjoyed myself completely. Some of the good deals:

20 packages of taco seasoning for 11 cents each.

4 trial sizes of deoderant, making 3 cents on each, after coupons.

1 large bottle of body wash for free.

12 disposable razors for 97 cents

1 bottle of baby formula, making $1.16 after coupons

1 bottle of steak sauce, free

And somehow I got out of there paying a total of 57 cents. Cool.

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