Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update On the New Chickens

I haven't posted much about the new chicks. I am enjoying them so very much! As a whole, they have moved outdoors now and have learned to fly up into the nest boxes. Individually, I have learned that each breed is truly very different. All the research I did on breed characteristics was in vain, none of them have turned out what I thought.

The 5 Barred Rocks are much bigger than the rest at this stage (2 1/2 months old.)

The Golden Comets are very much more outgoing than the rest, they were the first to fly, first to greet me at the gate, and the first to investigate a bug or new green leaf.

The Rhode Island Reds follow right behind the Red Stars, but will not let me pet them as easily.

The 2 White Leghorns are so very pretty, so white, they remind me of a white dove. They even seem graceful in a way.

Lastly, the Welsummers hens remind me of red-tailed hawks, very stand-offish, not to be petted(please excuse the bad photo, they are not photogenic either.).

I am at odds what to do with the extra rooster. I bought a Welsummer rooster (above)in hopes to hatch out some Welsummer eggs next spring, but I also got a Rhode Island Rooster, either as a mistake from the hatchery, or maybe the hatchery thought the one extra chick they always throw in there should be a Rhode Island Red roo to go along with the RIR hens I bought. Either/Or, I think 30 hens shared by 2 roos is a decent ratio, but do I really need an extra roo? Maybe hatch out RIR chicks to sell next spring? I went to a garage sale and ran into a lady who is looking for a RIR rooster, so maybe I will sell him to her.

These new hens should start laying in late September. My hens usually average out to .75 eggs a day, so I could find myself easily swimming (or drowning) in 20 eggs a day. Note to self: quit procrastinating and find egg cartons!

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