Wednesday, July 13, 2011

RIP PollyAnna

PollyAnna was always the first at the feeder.

And always the photo hog.

The lightest-colored of the bunch of Red Stars, she was the easiest to spot.

My favorite hen PollyAnna, has passed away. She was a Red Star mix, just 2 years old. She has been acting poorly off and on since spring, not laying any eggs and losing weight, but usually bouncing back after a couple of days on cider vinegar water. I know when she is not well, she doesn't leave my side when I am in the yard. Yesterday, she came out of the coop, but went back in after a bit. I thought maybe it was just cooler in there, seeing as it was in the low 90's yesterday.

But I found her this morning. So sad.

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