Thursday, September 08, 2011


I try really, really hard to be organized. I am not.

I have a desk sized calendar that I hang on the wall, it has plenty of room to write everything on.

I try to find a free or really cheap daytimer that fits in my purse and work very long and hard at not losing it and writing everything in it.

Nothing works.

Sometimes it is my fault.

Sometimes it is my family's fault.

I try not to lay blame on others and just move on.

This time, it is not my fault.

I broke down and spent $2 on a purse sized daytimer at one of those dollar stores. I don't know what came over me, it was a pretty bright green and the right size and I splurged.

I spent days writing in my daytimer, (thank goodness in pencil) planning, counting out rabbit gestation periods, egg hatching dates, birthdays, parent teacher meeting dates, etc, etc.

And then I saw it. In very tiny, very light print, the month of April 2012 said that Easter is on the 24th.

Wait, wasn't Easter on April 24th this year?

Look it up.

I'll wait for you.

Seriously, go look.

I'm still waiting.

Yes, yes it was. So what? ?. . . .

Soooo. . . April 24, 2012 is on a Tuesday. According to my daytimer, Easter this coming year is on a Tuesday.

Maybe this doesn't seem like much of a misprint to you, but I plan alot of bunny breeding around Easter's date. When I first saw this mistake, I just thought that Easter was just the Sunday before the 24th. I was in the van on a 10 hour trip, so there was no way for me to check, D's cell phone calendar didn't say when Easter was, so I just went ahead with the assumption that Easter was on the 22nd. After surviving a 10 hour ride with three kids, a flat tire, a very scary almost accident, I forgot to look Easter 2012 up on the computer when I got home.

Ok, maybe this is my fault.

At least I realized this all before I started breeding rabbits 2 weeks late, missing Easter.

I need an industrial sized eraser.

I am not buying it at the dollar store.

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